Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I could not take the cabinet obsession Tristan has anymore!  I went into special education/ therapy mode.  I thought okay Tristan NEEDS a visual.  I took the Duct Tape out of the drawer in the kitchen.  I marked the kitchen in half.  I said, “You can not cross this line.”   It was an obvious line.  Silver duct tape on a brown floor.  My teenage son came into the kitchen and commented that I was smart! Wow I could hardly believe my ears and eyes. First teenage son’s comment AND Tristan would not cross the line.  I went to bed thinking this was one of my better ideas…and why didn’t I do this before?!?  I should have known something this effective had to have a down side, but what?  Brian came home late from work.  I explained to him I cracked the code on getting Tristan to stay out of the cabinets.  He asked what I did, so I explain it to him.  He said it would leave a mark.  I assured him it would be fine. Thinking I better not leave the Duct tape on to long,  I got up the next morning and peeled away the tape. Oh my, I completely ran out of luck.  As I peeled back the tape the floor looked HORRIBLE, the duct tape glue was left on the floor.  Oops I guess I didn’t quite think through this plan.  Luckily Brian and I could laugh at this together. Until I REALLY SCRUB the floor there is a visual line left for Tristan.


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