Saturday, February 7, 2015

This story took place some years ago. It was about 5 in the evening.  We were almost ready to walk out the door to leave as a family when I entered the laundry room.  I calmly called out to Brian, “Honey come here.”  I was really trying hard not to laugh.  Brian opened the laundry room door, walked in, and said, “Tristan.” pause…Now Brian is trying not to laugh.  Laughing will only encourage the situation.  Brian continues, “Tristan what are you doing IN the washing machine?”  Let me set up this picture.  The washing machine was FULL of clothes, FULL of water and something else.    I said, “Oh my this water is sooooo COLD, and how are we going to get him out?”  I looked up and the laundry soap cap was OFF.  By the way, it is the cap to the NEW laundry soap.  Oh, no.  Tristan dumped a whole bottle of laundry soap in the washer!  I frantically grab the soap bottle.  It was EMPTY!  Meanwhile Tristan was having the time of his life.  He was flapping his arms, smiling, and laughing.  We were trying to leave the house.  Tristan’s timing was not good.  Brian left the laundry room and reappeared quickly with the camera to take some photos.  By this time we were all laughing!  BUT I was still wondering how to get him out of the washing machine without getting all the water everywhere.  First we extracted his clothes…then dried him off…followed by a good rinse off in the bathtub.  He was so slimy from all that soap!  Another healthy dose of laughter from our home!


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