Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I woke up this morning having had a dream…that Tristan got his hair cut!  Actually I dreamed  I was the one who gave him a haircut. LOL  He sat in a chair so nice for me.  I did a GREAT job.  When I came back to reality I realized his poor hair was still the same.  I cracked up laughing.  That dream coming true would have been REALLY nice.  If you have seen him lately it is obvious his hair is out of control.  The challenge is that Tristan hates having his hair cut!  He doesn’t even like it if you were to touch his hair.  I ordered some sensory brushes to help.  A sensory brush is a very soft bristle brush used to help Tristan get used to having his hair touched.

To make matters worse, at Christmas I gave him a super soft red blanket, which he loves.  Tristan will wrap himself in it and just smile.  The problem is the red fuzz on the blanket comes off (in mass quantities) and it sticks to his hair like Velcro! (Yes, I have washed the red blanket several times with no success.)  I admit I have hidden the red blanket, but recently Tristan has found it. Another dose of laughter from our home.


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