Thursday, February 19, 2015

It is interesting I will be going about my*regular* day and then something will trigger a memory that has me laughing.  Over the years, I have written down many of these memories.  Yet there are still so many that I guess I just forgot to write down!  Just the other day, Brian was battling some kind of sickness going around.  He went in the bedroom to take a nap.  Tristan was adamant to keep going in our bedroom. Next Tristan got on the floor and was peering through the bottom of the door.  It all came back to me…  One day the famous Uncle Mike was over.  He was exhausted so we suggested he go into our room and take a nap.  We did not anticipate what would happen next.  Tristan could not believe Uncle Mike was at our house.  To keep an eye on him, Tristan lay on the floor and watched him.  It gets better…As Tristan is laying there Tristan begins to breathe and now it sounds like Darth Vader is in the room with Mike. After a short while ( not sure if Mike really got any nap?), Uncle Mike comes out of the room.  Another healthy dose of laughter from our home!


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