Sticky Situation


This week has been interesting.  Tristan is VERY interested in stickers.  Not just any stickers but stickers that are on important things.  He first began taking stickers off of the hand soap, deodorant, and lotions in our family bathroom.  I began looking for all *important* items around the house for him to remove stickers from.  Although I knew there was one particular sticker he REALLY wanted and has been after for a few weeks.  I predicted to a friend that the front door of his school might be missing a sticker–soon.  So, as Tristan and I were leaving his school building he began laughing.  The blue sticker had been removed! YIKES!  I am right next to him,  I am holding his hand.  I must have blinked my eyes for a second.  The sad part is he removed the circle sticker from the school doors SEVERAL weeks ago.  I told myself I would not let this happen again.  Another healthy dose of laughter from our home!


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