The Art of Fun Dip!


Often articles about autism will say these individuals stay in “their world”.  To some extent we do see that in Tristan, but I really feel he thinks “our world” is a bit strange.  For example, a few weeks ago I was grocery shopping and came across a deal.  A box of valentine’s cards with 24 individual Fun Dip pouches was 15 cents!  I figured some one in my house would enjoy them.   Brian and Jacob were happy with this purchase.  Then it occurred to us that Tristan probably never had Fun Dip before.  It was time for a Fun Dip demonstration.  Brian explained the packaging.  One side was the colored sugar and one side had the Fun Dip stick.  Brian pulled out the stick and explained a person licks the stick so the sugar will stick on it.  I echoed that the stick was edible.  At this point he looked at us like we were crazy!  Upon completion of this explanation, Tristan decided it looked more fun to play with it in his hands like Play-Doh!  Another healthy dose of laughter from our home!


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