Mountain Fresh Scent!


Brian and I had decided to head out to the movies.  This was a last minute decision because our schedule suddenly had some free time!  We left and all seemed well.  Upon returning, while Brian was searching for his front door key I could see our friend through the window.  I said, “Oh no she looks stressed.  I wonder what has happened.”  We walked in and she announced, “All was well until about 10 minutes ago.”  I immediately noticed how Mountain Fresh the house smelled.  Which was okay by me!  I looked around as she was talking.  Trying to process the smell and what could have happened.  Come to find out, Tristan decided to start dumping everything liquid into his night time diaper.  (He does this for the sensory input.)  This included a whole bottle of laundry detergent.  The laundry soap leaked out of his diaper on the way to the bathroom to take a bath.  A giant pool of laundry soap was in the laundry room and a trail of soap led all the way to the bathroom.  At one point our teenage son came out of his room and noticed our friends stress level.  He asked if she was okay.  It must have been bad if he noticed!  LOL  Thus the Mountain Fresh Smell in my home!   Another healthy dose of laughter from our home!

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