I couldn’t believe it.  I was trying to write a blog and watch Tristan play in the backyard.  After winter months we can usually expect elopement issues to increase (temporarily).   Seven days ago Brian checked the fence and made some  repairs it to avoid an escapee.  I was fairly confident I could type AND watch Tristan play.  So I thought!  I checked every few minutes from the kitchen window, he was playing just fine.  I looked out again and did not see him.  I  opened the sliding glass door to see if he was just out of my view.  There was no sign of him.  Quickly I put on my coat and double checked the backyard.  A fence panel was down!  Of course this is an open invitation for him to go exploring.  I hurried through the house and ran out of the front door.  Tristan, for the most part is nonverbal so I can not just call his name, he will not answer.  Thankfully, he had gotten in one of our cars.  He was just sitting.  I would really love to know what he was thinking.   Another healthy dose of  laughter from our home!

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