How Many?

As our family was sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast our teenage son asked a question about how many teeth we have.  Brian quickly answered.  “Children have 20 teeth.”  I looked at him and asked, “Is  this common knowledge?  How did you know that?”  He answered, “You see we have a son, Tristan, who is really into dentist videos.  I have heard it all!”   I cracked up laughing!

Our son is obsessed with You Tube videos about the dentist, and there are thousands of them!  It is sort of a love-hate relationship with the dentist.  He loves every dentist video on You Tube, and talks about the dentist regularly.  When in fact he hates going to the dentist.  If the dentist could see how much Tristan loves watching dentist clips I think he would be in shock!  Another healthy dose of laughter from our home!



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