NOT funny…


A few days ago I could not find a lid to a container.  I kept looking.  At last,  I found that it slid under the kitchen cabinet drawer.  I was glad to find it because I use this rectangle container quite a bit!  In less than 48 hours it was lost AGAIN.  This time I was very annoyed and frustrated.  I thought, how could it have disappeared in less that 48 hours!  I know this is trite, but I confess I was a little grouchy the second time.  I looked in all the usual spots. Still I could not find it.  Finally I had to let it go and just pick another container.  …Skip ahead another few days…  I found the container-in the broken dishwasher.  It all came back to me… A few days ago Tristan was being cute and putting dishes in our broken dishwasher!  Oh my!  I started to smile and said to Brian, “Oh, now I remember Tristan was ‘playing with it!'”   Another healthy dose of laughter from our home!


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