Would you turn back?

Over the next few days I will be devoting my posts to a single topic “Windows.”


I was driving my teenage son to the YMCA.  After he got out, Tristan and I headed home.  As I was driving along I saw something fly out the window through the rear view mirror!  I could see it was something black and small.  I thought, well there goes whatever.  Suddenly, I had a flashback.  I clearly remembered a few items flying out the window in the past.  We have lost a car mat, a blanket, and shoes!  Most of the time I was driving down roads that made it impossible to stop and retrieve the items, with the exception of the shoe.

I held my breath when I picked up my teenage son from the YMCA.  I was hoping he hadn’t left anything valuable in the back seat.  Thankfully, he did not say anything was missing.  I have not noticed anything missing either.

Another healthy dose of laughter from our home!

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