Is It Getting Warm In Here?

Oh, the beauty of air conditioning…


Here is an example.  A few years ago we had some really humid summers.  I remember we stayed indoors quite a bit because it was unbearable.  Then the air conditioner in our home went out.  Most people would just open up their windows.  I can not.  Tristan is always at risk for elopement.  Yes he even exits our home by climbing out the windows!  It took the repairman a few days to get to us.  In the meantime we just had to deal with it.  I could not take the stale air so I opened the kitchen window.  It is up high over the sink. If he escaped it would just be to the backyard.  I waited.  In less than 15 minutes he was moving the kitchen chair over to the sink!  He did not mind that the window was higher up!  I think he thought it was a challenge.  Enjoy a healthy dose of laughter from our home!

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