Outrageous Camping Questions


Going on vacation poses some challenges for Tristan’s safety.

It is just difficult to be in unfamiliar territory, so we never know what to expect.  He might be fine or it could be a complete disaster!  We have learned to ask questions.  Here is a real life example.

We were considering going to, Family Camp, at Springhill camp ground up in Michigan and staying in a caboose. We had to ask if there was air conditioning.  The answer was no.  Then we had to call back and see if there were windows.  The answer was yes.  Then we had to call back and find out the dimensions of the windows and how high they were off the ground!   We were trying to determine if Tristan could reach the window and if his body could escape through it.  I wish I could say this was all made up!  It is not. We had to determine if this was a safe environment.  There are also several bodies of water on the campground facility.  Once again we called the office.  This time we asked about the proximity of the water to our caboose lodging.

After interrogating the SpringHill management…we decided not to go!

We can laugh about this now.  Yet, I always wonder what the lady who answered the phone thought of us?

Another healthy dose of laughter from our home!


One thought on “Outrageous Camping Questions

  1. I think parents ask these types of questions all the time. Many children are tricky, especially on vacation!


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