You Will Not Believe What Tristan Slept Through


We have a little problem.   Every few minutes we hear

THUMP! THUMP! THUMP…on our windows.

This has been going on for a week now.  It appears that a cardinal is trying to get into our house!  Good luck.  This house is on lock down.  However, we are frustrated by the constant noise.  Our teenager informed us we can not do anything about it because the cardinal is our state bird!

Brian and I were out of town all day at a disability conference.  Upon returning we asked our friend who was watching the boys if the bird was bothering her.  She said she tried several things to stop the bird from seeing his reflection.  Nothing worked!  I think the bird may be confused because we had snow flurries a few days ago.  Maybe he has lost his mind.

Although it is his window the bird is constantly banging into morning, noon, and night, Tristan seems to NOT notice at all!  The noise does not appear to be affecting him at all!  He sleeps without any trouble!  How can he block out all of this noise that is driving us crazy?

Another healthy dose of laughter from our home.

4 thoughts on “You Will Not Believe What Tristan Slept Through

  1. I would recommend call in the Audubon society. Birds used to crack into my very large window and immediately die. This bird is obviously a stunt bird, hahaha


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