Tristan + Stickers + Cocoa Butter Lotion = ?

On Saturday while I was cleaning up the kitchen, Tristan was making me an early Mother’s Day surprise.  Just because I was only 20 feet away from him is no guarantee that all is fine.  I should know better!  When he is quiet it could mean trouble.  In about a 10 minute span of time he was quite resourceful.  I walked into the living room to check on him.  At first I was not sure what he was doing.  Then I realized he got a hold of my teenage son’s lotion!  He was using it as glue to put stickers on the window!  Big white globs of lotion!!!  There was lotion everywhere.  (I was unable to capture the lotion blobs on my camera.  I had to move fast to clean him up.)  I am kind of surprised I did not smell it.  This has been on the window for 48 hours and it is sticking just fine.  I sure love my forever toddler.  Enjoy a healthy dose of laughter from our home!

201_3287 201_3286

4 thoughts on “Tristan + Stickers + Cocoa Butter Lotion = ?

  1. That’s awesome! Now I no that cocoa butter could be used as glue in case of emergency. Thanks Tristan for the tip


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