The Truth Behind the Trash Bags

This morning I went to put a new garbage bag liner in the garbage can. Image result for empty trash can image

When I looked in the cabinet under the sink, they were gone.  I should have had about 50 on a roll–maybe more.  I knew exactly where they had gone.  Mr. Tristan has something to do with this item disappearing.  He did his family chore.  He is assigned to emptying recycling.  He took his time completing his job,  After his job dragged on,  I did not stay close by, instead I let him be independent.  Of course, he took advantage of that opportunity. He threw the whole roll of bags into recycling.  He really knew they are not to be recycled BEFORE being used!  Luckily, I retrieved the garbage bags BEFORE the recycling truck came.

Enjoy another healthy dose of laughter from our home!


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