What’s wrong with this picture?

Over the past year we have worked really hard on making sure Tristan gets exercise. This is a challenge because over the past few years he has become sedentary.  This was after many years of non-stop movement!  We kind of enjoyed NOT chasing him every minute of everyday.  Although we realized, it was not healthy to just sit all day.  So we started taking Tristan on walks.  Most days he seemed to enjoy it.  One challenge of living in the Midwest is the weather.  The challenge became getting him to exercise on cold, snowy, or rainy days.  I decided to “invest”  in some indoor exercise equipment.  I got a stationary bike for $5 at Goodwill.  Here is a picture of Tristan, “Exercising.”


So…what do you notice Tristan doing in this picture?

Anyone want to take a guess what year this bike was made?

Enjoy a healthy dose of laughter from our home!

One thought on “What’s wrong with this picture?

  1. Well, at least his arm got exercised. Probably a lot of people could relate to that picture with exercise equipment (such as mine) 24 inches from the bed with clothes draped over it.
    Does anyone have that experience?


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