Has this ever happend to you?

We take turns getting Tristan ready for bed.  Brian gets Tristan ready for school.  Friday night  I was getting Tristan ready for bed. 

It was time to brush his teeth.   I started brushing his teeth and noticed a baby tooth (molar) was gone on the right side.  Then I noticed a baby molar was missing on the right side!  Then I laughed to myself.  Most parents KNOW when a child looses a tooth, because the child will say something.  Not to mention the child may know about the Tooth Fairy and hoping to cash in on the deal.  In our experience, we have only seen one baby tooth of Tristan’s.  I think he swallowed all the other ones!  I assumed the molars probably got flushed down the toilet!  Yet today I was cleaning his room and found them. God only knows WHEN they fell out. lost and found

Enjoy another healthy dose of laughter from our home!


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