Take 1

quiet on the set

Family Night is always a lot of fun.

It usually does not take very long to complete an activity together.  With a teenager and Tristan who is like a toddler we have to work fast.  On our family nights we often make a special snack to eat.  In this activity We were decorating giant Easter Egg Cookies I got on clearance at Aldi’s for a few cents.  I took some photos.  I really wanted some pictures of the whole family working together on this project.   The challenge was every time I went to take Jacob’s picture he ducked out of the shot.  So instead of a picture of Jacob standing next to Brian I was left with a picture of just Brian.  Finally, I told Jacob I gave up trying to snap his photo.  Then when he least expected it I grabbed my camera and took a shot.  I got him!

Take 1


Take 2


Take 3


Take 4-Gotcha!


We were all laughing.   In the first 3 photos, Jacob kept ducking behind Brian!


Enjoy another healthy dose of laughter from our home!

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