10 Seconds Later…

I left Tristan for alone for 10 seconds.  I went outside to hang one item on the clothes line. I stepped back in the house through the patio door. Immediately I noticed Tristan left the laundry room covering his ears.  That signaled he just did something.  I walked into the laundry room and took a quick assessment.  I noticed ALL the dog food was missing from the container.  The container holds about 20 pounds of dog food and was almost full!  Where could 20 pounds of dog food have gone in 10 seconds?  I noticed the washing machine lid was open.  I looked in the washing machine. All of the dog food was on a load of freshly laundered clothes!!!  I mumbled to myself, “I really do not want to be doing this chore.  How many other people have ever scooped out dog food from their washing machine??”   It took me 18 minutes to scoop out 18 pounds of dog food.  Yes I did weigh it!!!  Enjoy another healthy dose of laughter from our home!



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