I Have A Phobia…

Friday night at 6:45 PM, I left home for a few minutes to pick up our teenager at the YMCA.

As soon as I walked in the door Brian gave me a look and told me this story.

He stated he was sitting on the couch and a brown mouse appeared beside the couch.  The mouse looked right at him. The mouse was right by the dog and the dog never moved.  I asked where did the mouse go?  He was unsure.  Brian was totally creep-ed out.

He said he was leaving right then to get mouse traps.

This “story” was difficult to imagine.  I am not denying that we have mice.  Quite the contrary.  I remember waking up and hearing one in our bathroom off the master bedroom at night.  I told Brian about it but he thought I was just hearing the printer doing its automatic maintenance.  Now he wants me to believe in the daylight hours he saw a mouse staring at him?

He came back with many mouse traps,  At one point I didn’t really know where else he could put them.

We went to bed.

In the middle of the night I heard a noise in the kitchen.  I really needed to use the bathroom.  I tried to convince myself I could wait until morning. Then I tried to plan which bathroom to use!  At this point I was terrified.  I heard a mouse trap set off in the kitchen.  Whew, i thought, we must have got him.  I finally forced myself out of the bed to use the Ladies Room.

In the morning, Brian reports the mouse trap had been moved and NO mouse was caught.  Apparently we have a super mouse that possibly jumped over the trap!

Friday at Noon Brian left for his niece’s wedding.

I waited to see how my day would unfold.  A few hours after he was gone, an emergency happened.  This one has me really REALLY grossed out.

Tristan was challenging.  About 6:30PM Tristan requested a bath. While he was taking a bath there were some loud noises in the kitchen.  I did not think it was our dog.  At that moment, I could not leave Tristan alone even for a second.  I figured it was probably our party mouse.  No worries.  I would let Brian know.

Precisely at 7PM I turned on You Tube to play classical Hymn music.  This is another calming technique we use to help Tristan.  He was content.  Now I could focus on paying the bills.  A few minutes later out comes a brown mouse from under the stove!  We looked at each other.  Then I screamed!  The mouse ran back under the stove.  I ran out of the kitchen.

Immediately I grab my phone and start text messaging Brian. He was 3 hours away from home and he got to sleep in a hotel room.  Here is our messages to each other.

ME: Okay I saw the mouse in the kitchen.  EEEk!  It ran under the stove!  I heard it when Tristan was in the bath.  It is a loud mouse.

BRIAN:  Told U.  Now say sorry.  LOL!

ME:  Never!  Come home and rid our home of rodents!!!  Sorry Briana (my niece who is getting married)…Can you chat?

BRIAN: No. Sorry.

ME:  FYI I do not plan on sleeping tonight.  I really liked it better when I didn’t KNOW what the mouse looked like.


ME: I think I will sleep outside tonight–I will take my chances with the black bear!!!

I finally did go to bed but did not sleep well.  I did hear the little critter on and off throughout the night.

I have musophobia (The Fear of Mice)!  Do you have this phobia too?  The ligherside of this is that Tristan is not bothered by a mouse.  He could care less!

Enjoy another healthy dose of laughter from our home!

7 thoughts on “I Have A Phobia…

  1. Hey Ann,
    We haven’t talked in a while. I actually have some serious training that can cure a phobia in 15 minutes. No joke! It falls under my category of “Eliminating Negative Behaviors”
    Check out my website http://www.itsyourbrain.com
    I’ll work with you for free since you are a friend 🙂
    Daryl Carlson


  2. There are many methods to catch a mouse, however some are easier said then done. I once had a mouse lick peanut butter off a trap that was inside of a jar. Like a Houdini mouse.


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