The Final Chapter

Every day brings new surprises.

My friend, Tash, and I took Tristan out for a few hours.  We left Jacob and his friend, Trevor, at home to hang out.  Upon returning the boys had quite an encounter to share.  This is how the conversation unfolded:

TREVOR: I killed the mouse.

ANNE: You did? What did you use?

TREVOR:  I used an encyclopedia.  I just tossed it on the mouse and then it died.

ANNE:  Where did you put it?

JACOB: Outside in the crawl space well.

Anne:  Where did the mouse come out of?

Jacob:  It just came out by your room.  It squeaked really soft.

Tash and I walked outside.  The boys tried to show us where it was.  Tash saw it but I needed my glasses. After I put them on I saw this microscopic mouse.

The day before I had asked Tash to help me look for any cracks that a mouse might enter.  After looking at how small this one was she said, “Anne I think that mouse could get through any crack.”  Of course I didn’t want to have to think about that!  I wanted to be done with this theme in my life.

Immediately, I came back in the home and put on my gym shoes.  If I had my sandals on and a mouse crawls over my foot I would not be able to handle that.  The mere thought of this makes me have anxiety!  Tash could visibly see I was becoming very agitated.  She asked if I would be ok.  I said I would.

At that point I realized  we did not have a Mickey Mouse we had a Mama Mouse that had pups.  I consulted my reliable sources: You Tube and Google.  I located a good video that described where to find the nest.   The nest would be about 300 feet from a kitchen and off the beaten path.  I already rummaged through my house looking for my shoes.  There were not too many other places to look. I concluded it probably was in our bedroom closet.

I knew I could not mentally handle finding a mouse nest.  Especially one that had pups in it!  When Brian was ready for this mission, I left the house.  Now that I think about it I do not recall taking Tristan with me!!! I do not even recall where I went or what I did.  I just know I was not called to this mission.  Brian called me when he found it.  It was in our closet.  I told Brian I did not need to know how many pups or what else he found.  I would leave that OUT OF my imagination.

We spent the next 24 hours sanitizing our home in every place.  We made sure there was no entrance anywhere for a mouse.

NOW we could all sleep.

What was the lighter side of this past two weeks?  I said to a friend, “How is it that I could be in charge a room of special needs children and not be scared?  Yet this little mouse I could not handle!”  We both laughed!

Enjoy another healthy dose of laughter from our home!

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