Now What Is He Up To?

Just the other day, I got ready to wash some dishes. I turned on the faucet and put soap in the dish pan.  Next, I looked over at Tristan in the living room.


I realized he was playing “dentist.”  I saw him pretending to put on a bib.  Then he proceeded to use the pencil and scissors as dentist “tools.” I quickly decided to join him in “his world.”  I went to the bathroom to retrieve a towel to put on him.  I turned on the lamp. Next, I told Tristan he could recline in the chair.  Then, I went back to the bathroom cabinet and got his power toothbrush. I cleaned his clean his teeth.  He was smiling. This activity only lasted a few minutes.  I turned off the lamp and put the dentist “supplies” away.  When I came out of the bathroom, I heard running water in the kitchen. “Oh no!” I thought,”I forgot in ‘my world’ I was about to wash some dishes!” Thankfully the water did not overflow out of the sink. Enjoy another healthy dose of laughter from our home!


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