Today’s Score: Tristan-2 Mom-0

In this game of life I sometimes keep score Today I am not winning.


I worked on the checkbook and had my bank card on the counter.  Then I decided to head out to get some errands done.  As I was about to shop at my first stop, I realized I did not have my bank card with me.   I returned back home to retrieve it off the counter.  It was gone.  Brian and I searched the usual spots.  Then I looked in the garbage can.  Yes it was in there with a square cut out of it.  Tristan-1    Mom-0

A few hours later, I was cleaning up Tristan’s paper mess (He loves to sit and cut paper) off of the kitchen floor.  I looked down and realized he cut up my address labels that I needed for a mailing project.  Tristan -2           Mom-0

Enjoy another healthy dose of laughter from our home!

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