Day of the week photographed with vintage letterpress characters.

There is a book titled, “Everyday is Friday.”  The title intrigued me so I gave it a read.  After finishing I told my husband that my book would be called, “Everyday is Monday!”   “Every day is Monday,” has become a joke around our house.  In fact last year my husband made me a shirt that states is big letters, “Every Day is Monday!”

I am not a pessimist.  I am just stating the facts.  Life can be crazy.  Let me give you an example. Sunday morning I woke up early.  I needed some medicine for my stomach.  As I went to the kitchen I could hear a mouse in the cabinets.  Not sure which cabinet, but that about sent me over the edge. I realized I had some of the medicine in my purse.  Therefore I avoided reaching in the cabinet.  We did catch two mice in the past few days.  I am a little on edge when it comes to mice.  Just thinking about these rodents in my home made it  difficult to fall back to sleep.

I eventually did fall back to sleep.  When I got out of bed Since it was still very early in the morning,  I worked on cleaning the house.  Despite being a little sleepy, the morning was going great!  I did one last job before leaving for church.  I went to the laundry room and worked on the laundry.  Afterwards, I continued getting Tristan ready for the day.    I was almost ready to leave the house.  Then I noticed a big puddle of water by the back patio door.  I thought to myself, “Hmmm.., this doesn’t smell bad.  It can’t be a dog accident.”  I then thought I better follow the puddle.  I followed the water right into the laundry room.  I couldn’t believe it.  The washing machine broke.  There was water everywhere.  I used every towel I could find to soak up all the water.  Next I decided I better empty the washing machine. Since I was unsure if the water was leaking from the inside of the washing machine, I decided I better empty it.  Tristan was watching me emptying the water into a mop bucket.  Then I went to the kitchen sink to dump out the water.  He looked quite intrigued by this process.  I assured him this was not some new  game!  I told him I did not think this was fun! I am sure this activity looked quite strange to him.  I was kind of frazzled before leaving for church.  I thought, “I should just stay home because we are Now going to be late.”  I decided that everyone does best when we stick to our routine. On our way to church we went.

When we arrived at church,  I tried to settle Tristan in the playroom.  He was not doing so well.  I decided I should just stay with him.  After about 15 minutes, he opened the window in the playroom.  It is a low level window.  He decided to work on a new activity, throwing toys out the window!!!  After several failed attempts to re-direct him, I finally said, “Tristan do you want to play at church or go home?”  He answered, “Home.”   I decided it was time to go back home.

That was my Sunday.

On Monday morning I walked into my assigned classroom.  There was a substitute in the room I had never worked with before.  This co-worker, asked about my weekend.  He really did not know anything about me.

He asked, “Did you have a nice weekend?”

I replied, “It was okay.”

He followed up with, “Would you repeat the weekend?”

I immediately answered, “No I would not repeat this weekend.”

That was not enough to suffice him.

He wanted to know details.  So I continued, “The washing machine broke.”

He commented about working on the Sabbath.

I said, “We did go to church.  That did not work out so well either.  My special needs-son had a difficult day.  We came home early.”  I decided to leave the mouse situation out of this dialogue.  I assumed he probably heard enough of my weekend.

He ended the conversation, “Oh so your Sunday was a Monday!”

I smiled inside and thought to myself, “Finally I have been validated, Every day is a Monday!”

Enjoy another healthy dose of laughter from our home!

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