Yes I Did Say This!

I have stalled in writing this due to the fact I may get some negative feedback on this post.  I do realize I am totally putting myself out there for criticism.  I do hope you enjoy this and see the humor in it.

I will add I did ask my son, Jacob, if he remembered this.  He said, “Yes,”

I followed up with the question, “Did I scar your childhood memories?”

He laughed and said, “No.”

Jacob did remind me of some details of this story that I had forgotten.

I am continuing the topic on sleep- or really lack of it.  I assumed our sleepless nights would be few and far between over the years.  I did not realize part of the disability of autism is that there is lack of sleep!  Therefore that means we have had lots of sleepless nights.  I calculated we had approximately been going on 7 years of this pattern.

One Christmas morning our oldest son, Jacob got up early.  It felt like 1 A.M.  He came to our room to announce, “It’s Christmas Day!  I am ready to open my presents!”

I answered, “Okay.  Go ahead.  I will listen to you open them up.”

Brian said, “WHAT?  You can’t do that!  You can’t listen to him open up presents!!!”

I quickly gave my explanation, “What?  I know what he got. I bought and wrapped the gifts!”

After a few drowsy moments, I got up and enjoyed watching Jacob open up his presents.

Enjoy another healthy dose of laughter from our home!

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