The Secret Code


Remember the toddler stage of children?  When a child has his/her version of words.  Usually close family and friends can interpret the words or phrases?  Our house is no exception!  We have been in the toddler phase of life for about 10 years!

One day when our friend who often helps us take care of Tristan was over we noticed our little angel sneaking off into our bedroom.  Brian quickly gave Tristan a verbal prompt to stop.  Brian said, “BEP!!!”  Immediately Tristan stopped, turned around, and came back into the living room.

Our friend said, “Bep? That is the word that gets him to stop?  Bep?  I wish I had known that all this time I have been watching him, and the countless times he had gotten into places and things he was not supposed to!”

Brian explained, “yes that is Tristan’s version of stop.  Yeah sorry we didn’t fill you in on it.”

We all kind of chuckled.  It makes me think, “What else do we say that is code?”

Enjoy another healthy dose of laughter from our home!


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