Arrow Prayers!

In this journey of parenting our son with autism I find myself praying a lot.  Throughout a day I may send up several arrow prayers.  Here is a recent one.

Last week, Tristan was having an off week.  Brian and I were not sure what was going on.  We tried our best to figure out what was bothering him.  On Tuesday, Jacob and I were in Tristan’s room.  Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Tristan tried putting something into the outlet.  I immediately redirected him to give it to me.  Instead Tristan put it in his mouth!  I asked Jacob to try and help.  I quickly said Tristan put something metal in his mouth.  Jacob demanded the mystery item.  Tristan handed it to Jacob.  Jacob said “Ewww…it is a tooth!” and quickly threw it on the carpet.  It was one of Tristan’s teeth that had a metal cap on it.

I apologized to Jacob.   I agreed with him, that was gross.  I looked at it and said, “Wow.  That tooth must have been bothering him for several days.”

Then I realized there has been a pattern.  Each tooth Tristan loses really bothers him.

The next day I thought I better consult… Google.   How many teeth do children loose?  What age do children stop losing teeth?  This would be helpful information to know.

Google was helpful.  Children typically lose teeth until age 12, except in rare instances of having a third set of teeth.  It was time for an arrow prayer:

“Dear God- Please tell me Tristan is not blessed with another set of teeth!”

Enjoy another healthy dose of laughter from out home!


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