Tristan’s Final Night of 2015

This New Year’s Eve I was preparing to spend a quiet evening at home.  It was just going to be me and Tristan.  Brian took the two older boys out for a game night with friends.  One teenage son was concerned that Tristan would be difficult for me at home.  I confidently said, “It will be fine.  Tristan will enjoy a quiet evening at home.”  Little did I know how the night would unfold.

First I walked into his room and realized he took all the stuffing out of his brand new pillow!  I had to put all the stuffing back in and sew it up.  I quickly grabbed my needle and thread.  I was trying to sew as fast as I could.   Next, he decided to cut his GIANT monkey.  He was going to take all of the monkey’s stuffing out. Tristan did not seem to notice that I wasn’t even finished sewing the pillow!  My sewing projects were piling up on this New Year’s Eve.

Whew!  I finished both projects and went to use the bathroom.  I should have known better.  Some times when I leave him alone for 60 seconds there can be a disaster.  This one I was not prepared for…

Next, I heard Tristan laughing and cutting in the kitchen.  As I approached the kitchen, I could not quickly assess what he did.  As I got closer, I saw him CUTTING all the strings off his guitar.  The brand new guitar he just received for Christmas!  I said, “Well, I guess you won’t be able to play with it anymore.”  Tristan just kept on laughing.  Then he grabbed the sticker that was inside of it. I guess the strings were in the way!  My little problem solver figured out a way to get THAT sticker.

Finally, I directed Tristan to place his guitar on Dad’s  empty guitar stand.  As Tristan placed the guitar it broke in two pieces.  Another round of laughing came from him.  This was too much of a night for him.  Tristan laughed so hard that I couldn’t hold back.  Then of course, I was laughing.  His care free spirit didn’t mind at all that is toy was broke.

Next year I will be going out for New Year’s!

Enjoy another healthy dose of laughter from our home!


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