New to the World of Autism

In November we welcomed a foster child, A.T., into our family. Since our family has grown, life has been full.  One thing that I am learning is how familiar our family of four has been with autism.  It is a reminder that not everyone lives this life with a disability in his or her home.  That is okay.   Our 12 year old son, A.T, has never been around autism.  Many aspects of this disability are quite shocking to him.  At times, it has been a challenge for us to explain Tristan to A.T.  Not only are we explaining the disability, but also the personality of Tristan.  No matter how clear I may make something sound the autism lingo has still crept in.

Here is one example:

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A.T. likes to play with his Nerf guns.  I kept saying, “Make sure you pick up the darts. Tristan will eat them.”

No matter how many times I repeated myself, I kept finding the darts around the house.

Finally, A.T. said all his darts were no good.  They were all crumpled.  I said we could purchase some more.

When I handed him the new ones I reiterated the message, “Please pick them up.  Tristan will eat them.”

He looked at me and said, “OK mom, I didn’t know he would literally eat the Nerf darts because they are not food.  Now I know what you mean.”

I kind of chuckled inside.  Of course it did not make sense to A.T.! We are so accustomed to what Tristan will put in his mouth. It doesn’t have to be food items!

Enjoy another healthy dose of laughter from our home!



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