[im pawr tnt] adjective 1. of much or great significance

Lately Tristan wants things that are “important.”




Important is so subjective!  How can I possible figure out what is important in his mind?

One Sunday after church a friend handed me a piece of paper.  I had no pocket and did not want to lose it.  I turned to Tristan and said, “This is important.  I am going to put it in your pocket.  Don’t lose it.”  I know this was a risky, I may never have seen this piece of paper again!

Several hours later…our family  was in the car.  We took a road trip to Illinois.  I remembered Tristan still had my note.  I asked him, “Tristan could I have my important paper back?  The one that is in your pocket.”  He smiled.  Then he reached in his pocket and handed it to me!  I said, “Thank you so much.”

I realized he is growing up.  Everyday he is taking baby steps in his growth and development!

Enjoy another priceless moment from our home!


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