The Accidental Purchase

Brian and I were out shopping together. We decided to check the clearance sections at Target. I came across some stretchy blue jeans. I said to Brian, “Look at these. Tristan could wear these.”

Tristan loves the texture of jeans. However it is difficult to find jeans to fit him correctly. So a wardrobe staple for Tristan has been sweatpants. We decided to purchase these stretchy jeans for Tristan. After we made our purchase, we returned home.

Upon entering the front door all the kids greeted us. They all noticed a bag. Quickly one son asked, “Is anything for me?”

We answered, “We got these for Tristan.”

Jacob announced, “A.T. Tristan got joggers!”

Brian and I looked at each other. I thought to myself, “Joggers? Is that good or bad?”

A.T. says, “Wow! I want joggers. Dad, can I get some too?”
Then Jacob and A.T. decided to try them on!

A.T. said, “Hey Jacob we can borrow Tristan’s clothes! They fit us, too.”

At this point, Brian and I realized we accidentally purchased some really cool pants

Enjoy another healthy dose of laughter from our home!


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