The “New” Stickers

Last year I shared some posts on Tristan’s sticker obsession.Image result for non copyrighted images clothing labels


I can’t possibly name all the places he has found them. Like all of his obsessions they come and go. I usually am glad when one obsession passes. However, when one behavior fades another one takes its place. Sometimes the new issue can be easier to deal with. Other times, I have found myself thinking, “The old issue was much easier. I wish I could have it back!” Unfortunately autism doesn’t work that way. I just have to be flexible with life. Tristan has stopped picking stickers off of everything. Now he has done this…
One morning when Tristan was getting dressed for school I heard a r-i-p sound. Tristan had just put on his new jogger pants. The sound sounded like his jeans had split in the back. So I asked Brian, “Is Tristan okay?”

Brian replied, “Yes.”

“What was that sound?” I inquired.

Brian said to Tristan, “Well I guess you wanted that off!”

I could not picture what would come off and make that sound.

Brian announced, “Tristan just pulled the label off his joggers. Luckily, there are no holes where the label came off.”

I thought to myself, “Oh my! Here we go…another new behavior.”

The next day, I found 2 labels on his bed from his pillows.

A few days later, I found another label from a different pair of joggers.

So…his label obsession is his “new” stickers.

Enjoy another healthy dose of laughter from our home!


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