48 Hours Part 2

I can honestly be thankful for a lot, even when life is difficult.  The next 24 hours became even more challenging.  Tristan was admitted to another hospital. This place can provide him with some really great care.  Tristan will be home in a several days.

As he left in the transfer ambulance, I was able to process everything that has happened.  Of course, there is always something to laugh about.  I hope you enjoy an insight from the lighter side of autism.

Image result for thank you

First, I will share how when the EMT’s walked in our home.  I immediately looked around my house to see how clean it was– or wasn’t.  I was so grateful one of the boys just did the dishes!  I might add without being asked.  I had a little chit chat with them Saturday night.  They announced Saturday was in their Top 10 list of bad days.  I agreed.  I gently said, “If you think the day was bad for you, it was for me too.  Then each of you have an opportunity to help out. Do something–sweep the floor, clean dishes, ANYTHING.”  So this young man took this message to heart and did something.  I later came home and said, “Thank you. I have seen enough COPS shows where people have messy houses!”

I remembered around 2 AM in the ER that I left a load of clothes in the washing machine.  So Monday when I returned home, I was prepared to rewash them.  However when I went into the laundry room… I was happy someone did this chore without being asked.  Again, one of my young men did this on his own. Thank you!!!

For some odd reason (stress, maybe?) I left the house Sunday night to head to the ER.  I announced to the boys this would be a quick trip and I would be back in an hour.  Really? Who ever returns from the ER in an hour.  The boys were very gracious to me.  They made a comment the next day and we all laughed.  Brian returned about 5 hours later.

At the hospital it was determined Tristan would spend the night. I stayed with him.  I was tired.  I was cold.  I prayed for a blanket.  The nurse came in and brought me a bed to sleep on and lots of blankets!  In addition in the morning I was brought food.

After my night at the hospital I returned home to a clean house.  Apparently there was some foul odor permeating the house.  It was bad. So bad, it motivated everyone to clean–really clean. It was my fault. I had wiped up a giant milk spill.  Then I threw the towel in the laundry room on the floor.  There it sat for 48 hours.   Again my family was gracious to me when I went into the laundry room and removed the towel.

Enjoy another healthy dose of laughter and thankfulness from our home!



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