Simply Amazing

I have always wondered about Tristan’s likes or dislikes of things.  Sometimes it is obvious and other times it… leaves me wondering.  Image result for favorite color


I can tell by his non-verbal communication that he thinks all the time.  I have asked him in different ways what his favorite color is.  I don’t even know if he has one or several.  The methods I have used: choice of 2 colors, flash cards, and his communication device. Still he seems to not answer this question. Then last week something amazing happened!

Last week Tash, our respite worker, and I were taking care of Tristan.  As Tristan was relaxing on the couch he asked for a red blanket.  I stood there puzzled.  I could not remember having a red blanket!  I looked around his room.  Tash remembered we have one blanket that had a section of maroon.  I took that one out of the closet and gave it to him.  Tristan looked disappointed. That was obviously not the red blanket he wanted!  I told him I don’t have any red blankets.

The following day Tristan wanted a red shirt. Together we looked at all the shirts in his closet.  It was apparent he was looking for a specific shirt.   I stood their in amazement. He pulled out a red shirt and put it on.

Then it happened again.

I think red could be his favorite color-or at least for a few days.

Enjoy another amazing communication moment from our home!


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