Secret Code Part 2

When our 12-year-old son, A.T., joined our family in November, it was quite an adjustment.  A.T. was not familiar with autism.  We have tried our best in teaching him what autism is and who Tristan is as a person.  We know this has not been an easy adjustment.  However, the other day A.T. shared his views, and I was laughing so hard.  A.T. was sharing how he is trying hard to understand Tristan’s communications.  Here is A.T.’s insight:

Image result for secret code

“Mom, you know sometime’s I think I can understand Tristan’s speech.  Then other times I have no idea.  For instance, when I first came, at dinner he would say something. I would listen carefully to interpret what he says. I was sure he just said ‘tree’, and then you or Dad would jump up and give him ketchup!  Then I realized I had no idea what he says,”A.T. said.

Poor A.T. we have been on this journey for a long time!

Another situation happened last night. Tristan was repeating the same thoughts.  Again, A.T. asked, “Is he asking for Sponge Bob?”

I replied, “No he is asking for french fries!”.

In addition to Tristan’s speech not easily understood, we also use American Sign Language.  It seems we have several Secret Code methods in our home.

Enjoy another healthy dose of laughter from our home!




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