Celebrating a First- Friendship

I think it is important for me to share some of the “firsts” that we celebrate with Tristan.  We never know when one will occur. Life with autism is full of surprises. Enjoy a “first” from our home!

One Friday night in May, Brian and I were making dinner.  Then we heard a knock on the door, tap tap tap.  We both looked at the front door, and through the window, we could see a child standing there.

I assumed it was a neighborhood kid selling something.  While Brian went and opened the door, I continued cooking. Then I heard a familiar voice ask, “Can I play with Tristan?”

Brian answered, “Sure.  We are making dinner, but come on in.”

A student from Tristan’s class just wanted to come over and hang out with Tristan!

This child’s dad introduced himself and asked if it was alright for his son to come over.  Of course, it was okay!

Then the dad left.

Tristan seemed happy to have a classmate over. We had to explain to this boy that Tristan usually naps on Friday nights because the school week is quite exhausting for him.  This friend didn’t seem to mind!  Like we had predicted Tristan did fall asleep. Tristan’s friend was quite content hanging out with the rest of our family. It’s always nice when Tristan’s “world’s” connect.  For example, when he sees classmates in the community his reaction is priceless.  We have even had a few teachers come to our home.

Our teenage sons were quite surprised as well.  I could hear their chatter in their bedroom.   “Wow, Tristan has a friend over.”

This night we were all smiling.  Each day is truly a gift.



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