Name This Award

The last few days we have been bombarded by the same questions from Tristan. Here is the list.

Image result for question marks

Who wants McDonald’s? I do.

Who wants school? I do.

Who wants church? I do.

Who wants a car ride? I do.

Who wants to sleep? I do.

Who wants dad? I do.

He just wants us to repeat them back to him.  These questions are endless.

This morning I awoke to Tristan standing in my room saying, “Dad, Dad, Dad.”

I said, “Dad is in the kitchen!  Go see him before he leaves for work!”

That didn’t work he continued, “I want dad.”

I continued, “I know Dad is in person in the kitchen. Go eat breakfast with him.”  I knew this was going to be a long day…

Our family has been watching American Ninja Warriors these past few weeks.  We are amazed at the strength these obstacles require.  However, I think when our kiddos repeat one thought over and over, there should be an award for the parents.  Not sure what it would be called, any suggestions?

Enjoy another healthy dose of laughter from our home!


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