Free Time, Food, & Favorites

Despite our family crisis with Tristan’s care, our home is still quite lively.  It is interesting to hear the comments from our teenager’s.  Here’s a snapshot of some recent conversations.


Conversations #1

Due to Tristan’s high needs, I have taken off some days at work. Tristan was in the local hospital and then transferred 3 hours away.

One night at dinner one of my teenage son’s said, “Mom, how long are you going to use the ‘hospital’ excuse to get out of work?”

In his mind, he thought I had all this “free” time.  However, he did not see all the phone calls that I made during business hours.

Conversation #2

A few days later a friend gave our family three home cooked meals.  One of the boys looked at us and said, “Why did someone make our family dinners?  No one died.”

I laughed and said, “Look you got three home cooked meals, you should be grateful!!! No one died.  People are extra kind to us right now.”  At this point, we were eating fast food meals.

Conversation #3

One day Brian and I went to see Tristan.  Due to visitor requirements, Jacob and A.T. did not come with us for a visitation.  Upon returning home, one son said, “You guys left sad and came home happy.  I guess we know who the favorite kid is in this family!”

What is it with siblings trying to guess who is the favorite?  We all had a good chuckle.

Enjoy another healthy dose of laughter from our home!

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