It Never Fails…

No, Nope, Negative, Exclamation, Never

In these cold winter months, our activities are limited when Tristan is home on the weekends.  We have discovered taking him to the movie theatre is enjoyable for the three of us.  We pick kids movies with songs.  Even so, we know he is only paying attention to portions of the movie and that is fine.  We know his ultimate goal is to empty the popcorn tub and consume his pop!  We have begun requesting smaller portions to out smart him.  One thing never fails,
there is always a sad part to every movie no matter how kid friendly.  Followed by, a very quiet scene and a very quiet audience.   At that very moment, Tristan then daydreams in his world.  Then at that pin drop quiet moment he breaks out in laughter –very loud laughter.   It always seems like he is laughing at the saddest part of the movie!!!  Enjoy another healthy dose of laughter from our home!

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