Part 2- The Most Embarrassing School Note

This is Part 2…

Last week I shared when my son, Tristan, pulled the fire alarm at school.

I was so embarrassed!  Let me continue the rest of the story…

After I crawled out from under the rock and got my thoughts together I desperately wanted to know if this was going to happen again.  I knew I had to know more about Tristan’s reaction.  I waited to hear from the school.  A few weeks went by… and I heard NOTHING regarding Tristan pulling the fire alarm.

See the source image


I knew if he laughed we were in big trouble.  He is a cause and effect kind of guy. Therefore, if he laughed then he would do it again.  On the other hand, if he covered his ears that meant he didn’t like the sound and won’t repeat this event.

I called the school and spoke to the supervisor regarding another matter.  I ended the call with, “Can we talk about the fire alarm incident? I am really worried he will do this again.”

I asked, “Did Tristan cover his ears or laugh?”

This was the moment of truth…

The supervisor replied, “No Tristan did not laugh.  I think he was frightened.”

I replied,”Thank goodness!  He probably won’t repeat this again!”

Enjoy another healthy dose of laughter from our home!

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