Poor Tristan! He just wanted to visit…

His 4th and 5th grade school year went like this…

He would run out of the classroom and down the hall to sit and visit with the principal (Mr. M)!

Due to him being non-verbal he would not ask! At any moment he would barge into his office and take a seat like it was visiting time!!! He wouldn’t notice if the principal was busy on the phone or in a meeting. Tristan probably didn’t care if Mr. M looked busy. He had achieved his goal.

I first heard about Tristan escaping his classroom to go see Mr. M, the principal,  from his speech teacher.  She said, “Anne we have to find some way for it to be appropriate for Tristan to see the principal. The principal is getting upset that the teacher is losing him.”

Image result for image of a door principal

I knew she was right, but I chuckled inside because I could picture this happening.

And secretly I thought, “Good luck because when he has his mind is set on something he is highly motivated to achieve his goals.”

Tristan does not have an understanding of social etiquette.  Therefore, we couldn’t explain to him that most children do not visit the principal for fun!  Not to mention he was telling on himself–he was not where he was supposed to be.

There will always be people in Tristan’s life that he just wants to be in their presence. Mr. M. won Tristan’s heart for those two years. We will never know why.

Enjoy another healthy dose of laughter from our home!

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It is called “Practical Tip #36- Routines Matter!”

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