Eggs-actly What Are You Doing?

The other day a conversation in my house went like this…

My seventeen-year-old son looked at the counter and saw some bags from my shopping trip.

He asked, “What are these for an Easter egg hunt?”

colored colorful decoration easter
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I replied, “Yes.”

He then looked at the items and saw there were eggs and battery tea lights.

He inquired, “Are you putting candy in them?”

I answered, “No.”

He asked, “Are you putting money in them?”

I answered, “No.”

The final question, “Are you putting these lights in them?”

I acknowledged him with a, “YES!”

He was shocked that anyone would be interested in an egg hunt with NO candy!!!

He announced it was a little early for an egg hunt and he was not interested.   I assured him it wasn’t for him anyway.  I said it was for Tristan. Then he walked away in disbelief.

He can’t possibly imagine how we can entertain Tristan with a glow- in- the- dark –not- yet -Easter -egg -hunt!

There are many times our 17-year-old thinks we are strange with the activities of entertaining and engaging a sibling with autism! Enjoy another healthy dose of laughter from our home!

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