Bored with English!

Tristan loves to watch YouTube on his tablet.   It is always the same genre of videos.  Videos with songs on Abc’s, colors, shapes, and counting!  I am grateful for all the creative video content on these topics. He is developmentally a toddler/preschooler, and he thoroughly enjoys choosing his videos.   Lately…he has discovered you can watch the same topics of videos in other languages!


He has moved on from English.

I thought working on mastering one language would be enough of a challenge for a non-verbal child.  However, he has shown me this is not his plan.  Maybe he is tired of absorbing just English!

He has listened to his videos in Spanish, German, French, Chinese….I kind of lost track of all the different foreign languages that he has explored.

When I hear a song in a foreign language, we have a conversation about it.  It goes like this…

I say, “Tristan that is not English.”

He replies with laughter-lots of laughter!

I help him get back to English videos and then a few minutes later he is back to his foreign language pre-school videos.

I said to my husband, “I don’t get Tristan sometimes because I wouldn’t be entertained by listening to another language that I can’t understand.  However, Tristan seems to like it.”

Enjoy another healthy dose of laughter from our home!

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