Living In The Moment –No Expectations

We had a great family day with Tristan at Santa’s Village! What I love about raising Tristan is how he lives in the moment. I wish I had this gift naturally.

photo of roller coaster
Photo by Stas Knop on

On our amusement park adventure, this played out in several ways.  First, he was compliant transitioning from one ride to ride. Second, he was content riding each ride one time. Finally, he enjoys the day- he doesn’t complain.

Our favorite part is when we took Tristan on a roller coaster ride, The Super Cyclone Roller Coaster. The roller coaster is classified as a “Thrill Ride.” It had a decent drop in one part. There is no way to explain this to Tristan. He is a sensory seeker, so this does not frighten him. He likes this! He doesn’t understand if you go up then you will come down. As the roller coaster is going up and then suddenly drops, he erupts into a burst of deep belly laughter!

We are privileged to walk beside him in life.  It’s a great experience to see someone

enjoying the gift of each moment of life.



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