A Christmas To Remember

Christmas was special with Tristan this year because of his reactions to his gifts.  Sometimes, it can be challenging to figure out what toy he would like to have.   This year’s reaction was priceless.


We gave him a guitar because Brian plays guitar and Tristan loves listening to it.   Now we tried giving him a guitar a few years ago and… Tristan saw a sticker in the center of it so he cut the strings to remove the sticker.  Then he went on to break the neck of the guitar.  This kid version guitar didn’t last long with Tristan.  However, I thought we should try this gift again.  I could not have predicted what happened next.


First, he was giggly with excitement!  Then he started strumming.   After a minute he began fiddling with the tuning pegs.  He was imitating what his Dad does with the guitar.  He quickly looked around and grabbed the tiny booklet from his new tablet.  He opened up to “read” music.  Just like his Dad does.  He knows Brian has chord sheets that he looks at.   Next Tristan improvised with a piece of cardboard to make a capo!  He “clipped” it on the top of the neck of the guitar.   Just like his Dad does.  Lastly, he quickly searched the couch for one more prop — a cell phone.  He grabbed his fake toy tablet and set it by his lap.   He pretended to have a cell phone like Dad.  Brian uses an app on his phone to tune the guitar.  


The second item Tristan was gifted with was a new PBS tablet.  We needed the durability of this model for our forever toddler.   He loves picking out his Youtube videos of the same things:  shapes, colors, and ABC songs.   Tristan looked puzzled for a second because the tablet is identical to the one he has.  Brian reassured him this was a new one.  

We couldn’t believe all the details Tristan copied!  Mostly, we enjoyed watching him light up. 


3 thoughts on “A Christmas To Remember

  1. Such a beautiful story from a loving family. Thank you for sharing. May God continue to bless all of you in this new year. 💕


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