The Label Peeler Strikes Again

My oldest son, Jacob, was working on a project in elementary school.  He asked me for a glue stick.  I went to the drawer where I kept permanent markers, tape, and glue sticks tucked away so Tristan wouldn’t get them.  Jacob worked diligently on his assignment into the late evening.  Jacob left it out to dry on the counter overnight.

The next morning I woke up and noticed the project on the counter.  I could not believe what I saw.

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Jacob’s project looked greasy.  I could not figure out what had happened as I stared at it.  As a Mom, I just felt awful… he put so much effort into this assignment yet it didn’t look good.   The school day was starting in just a few hours and there was no time for a re-do on this assignment.

Then Brian got up and I quickly showed him Jacob’s school project.  He stared at the papers with writing and greasy marks on them.  He said, “It almost looks like it wasn’t glued.”  We found the gluestick that I gave Jacob on the counter.  Brian opened it up and said, “This is not glue. This is chapstick.”

With a frightened look, I realized the unlabeled item was the problem.  Tristan loves peeling labels off of EVERYTHING.  The label peeler stuck again!

So… I emailed his teacher and explained that it was my fault how his project looked.  I gave the chapstick explanation. (Not sure if a teacher has ever heard this before!)  I still have not told him what happened that day. (shh…it’s still a secret and unless he starts reading my blog he will not find out.)

Enjoy another healthy dose of laughter from our home!

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