Counting the Days…

Quarantine.  Pandemic.  Shelter in place.  These words mean a lot to many of us.  In Tristan’s world not so much.  His routine has changed but many aspects of his life remain the same.   He is not worried about much.  His main concern is food.  Overall he is content.  But when he is bored…watch out!  He will create his own entertainment.  Here is one example.

This was one of the latest updates I received from his group home.

person holding black pen writing on white paper
Photo by cottonbro on

“Tristan overall did well during this week, besides him dumping toilet paper into the toilet causing it to flood the bathroom.  Tristan seems to like the flushing sound the water makes.”

I can just picture this playing out.  The more reaction he gets the more he gravitates to a behavior.  I am sure the other boys in his home all comment on what he is doing.   Hopefully soon he will move on to something else less destructive…maybe?

Enjoy another healthy dose of laughter from Tristan’s world!


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