Finally…The Mystery Word Solved!

On all our visits with Tristan since May, he has been trying to tell us something. It kind of sounds like “uncle.” In fact, the first weekend in May, we took him to a hotel for a shorter overnight visit. He would repeat this word over and over. We were not sure what the exact word was, so we did our best to distract him. It didn’t work out great, but what else could we do? Finally, I texted one of my brothers and asked if he would do a zoom call because Tristan keeps saying, “uncle.”

My brother, Mike, agreed. However, when we got the zoom call going, it appeared this was not what Tristan wanted. Sigh. We tried.

In the subsequent visits, the same scenario played out. Tristan definitely knew what he was saying; unfortunately, we didn’t. We kept encouraging signs and his device—still nothing.

His last weekend home two weeks ago, Tristan walked over to the laundry room. Brian was trying to avoid him going in there. It was too late. Tristan was quick and was standing next to the vacuum saying, “uncle.”
Brian looked at him and said, “Tristan, when you say uncle are you wanting the vacuum?”

Tristan said, “Yes!”

We laughed. Finally, the mystery word was solved. Our boy just wanted to vacuum this whole time! When we understood him, he asked for the vacuum several times over that weekend. We had a spotless home, and we had a very content son. He had so much joy vacuuming. I think he really liked unwinding and rewinding the cord. It was the process of it all.

Enjoy a healthy dose of laughter from our home! We hope you enjoy a glimpse into our home. It’s difficult to clear pictures when he working hard!

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