Tristan’s Weekend To-Do List

Tristan is valuing communication more and more each visit when he is home. It is incredible for us when he shares his thoughts. We know he is constantly thinking, and now it is nice to know EXACTLY what he is thinking.
Tristan grabbed his communication device and started planning his family time:

“Beach, movie theatre, bowling, McDonald’s (and his entire lunch order), Donut (from the gas station), church, vacuuming, guitar, motorcycle ride, YouTube, walk, pancakes, eggs, toast.”

Today in the Midwest, it was snowing. I chuckled when I read motorcycle and beach. I explained to Tristan it was too cold for those activities. He smiled.

Enjoy a healthy dose of laughter from our home!

2 thoughts on “Tristan’s Weekend To-Do List

  1. What a gift! He’s really communicating thanks to God and his device. I like the variety of activities he mentioned, especially the beach.

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